Cookery Parties - A fun evening for you and your friends with a bit of a twist

Manor Cottage will cook-a-long with you and your friends. Your Chef will guide you along the way to help you and your guests create a wonderful eating experience.

A cookery party is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with a twist, whilst learning gastronomique techniques and tips from a professionally trained chef.

Menu Planning

Manor Cottage help plan menus for both private and commercial clients.

Whether you are a private client looking to cater for a dinner party or an events destination without in house chefs, looking to gain consistency for your customers, Manor Cottage can help.

Private clients

We provide tailor made seasonal and themed  menu packs including shopping lists and step by step recipe specification cards.

We also supply personal commis chefs and waiting staff to help you on the night.

Commercial customers

We will provide costings sheets to help keep you within your profit margins, and holding stock lists to help keep costs down on everyday products.

Once your clients have chosen their menu you can hand over the ingredients, photos and recipe specs to your visiting/agency chef and be confident that your client will be happy.

Private Tuition - Impress friends with your superior skills in the kitchen

You may just want to learn the basics or how to perfect your favourite dish. Manor Cottage will provide you with the tuition you need.

Be the perfect host. Manor Cottage can teach you how to create the perfect dinner party. Your friends will be amazed at your expert knowledge of ingredients and your execution of each dish in the kitchen.

Prices start from £200 for a three hour lesson. After your lesson we will always be just a phonecall away to help you overcome any obstacles.



Shooting Lunches

Manor cottage supply bespoke menus for shooting parties.

We can organise a bespoke menu which we will prepare and serve at a venue of your choice. Hearty lunch or just some soup and sandwiches.

Better still, why not on the field? If you organise shooting parties imagine how impressed you guests will be when you drive them through the great outdoors and just happen to stumble upon a smoking barbeque, all prepared to cook up a feast.

We will consult with you to fulfill your exact requirements, please see sample menus for some ideas.

Canape Events 

Manor Cottage supply a full range of canapes that will go down a treat at any event, including cocktail or dinner parties and wedding reception.


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