All of our services/events are bespoke and therefore prices will be calculated dependent on individual requirements.

Please be sure that it is in our interest to keep any extra costs to a minimum.


Quotes are broken down into the following parts:


Cost of Food Per Head


This includes:

The cost of the ingredients.

Preparation of goods. 

Storage and transportation.

Please be aware that if you have a band/musicians, they will need to be fed at the expense of the client. (Musicians Union)


Staffing Costs


We will provide enough staff to make sure of the smooth running of the event. We will always minimize the time staff are needed wherever possible.


We can only ever give an approximate staff cost on our job quote.


Chefs cost £15 per hour (minimum 8 hours).


Waiting staff cost £10 per hour (minimum 4 hours).


Equipment Cost


Determined by the size, purpose and location of the event, some venues will incur costs for the hire of extra equipment such as catering marquees, ovens, plate warmers, tables and chairs, crockery, cutlery, linen, napkins and glassware.


Within our quote we will give you an itemised quote for all equipment needed.


Again, it is in our interest to keep all costs to minimum.


Please note any breakages/losses of hired items will be charged to the client. All prices will be included in the quote.


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